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Lamps killed so far: 2,5

Current elo as of 10/4/2012 on League of Legends NA server Solo queue: 1341

Current crash count on Bf3: too many to count 

Current win/loss on League of Legends Solo queue : 272W/264L as of 10/4/2012

Most played champion on solo queue : Sivir, won 52 (56.5%) with a KDA ratio of 2.7:1 played in 17.3% of Total games! 

Now with Minecraft server! 

Last updated on 10/4/2012 (GMT+0)

Events coming soon!


Toucher's threads!



-General update

-Added Minecraft section on forums


-Added new pictures

-Added new threads on forum


-Added Toucher's LoL threads, be sure to visit them and bump them

-Added Shoutbox, go nuts!

-Added Viewer games Screen caps from 23/03

-Added mobile version, follow the website on your phone! http://mistertoucher.webs.com

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